Friday, March 30, 2007

We survived

Well we survived and lived to tell about it. We left for Disney last Saturday morning and all we told Liv and Kerigan was that we were going on a road trip for the day. Morgan had been sick for over a week and with the advise of her doctor, Morgan stayed home with Grammy for the week,(which after seeing some of the kids in Disney her age I am glad she didn't look as miserable as those babies did). We left Marietta at 6:30AM and stopped only twice (once for breakfast and once at the GA-FLA line) yes, my girls are great travelers. We arrived in Orlando at 2:00PM and when we were finally exiting the interstate did the girls figure out where they were. We spent Saturday evening at the Disney Village and letting them see a little of Disney. We awoke on Sunday morning to start our day at Magic Kingdom. We arrived at MK at 9:00AM (the minute the gates opened) and we headed right for the Tea Cups. We were at MK nearly all day but did move over to Epcot to finish out our day with dinner with the Disney Princesses. The girls were able to meet Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine. The biggest surprise even for mommy and daddy was that the princesses sent Liv a brithday card signed by all of them for her birthday (now mind you we DID NOT tell anyone that it was her birthday on the 20th). On Monday we started our day at Animal Kingdom and then proceeded to Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon would have been fun but we bacame aware of a couple of things on this trip, since last summer Liv has developed a fear of water, fire, and fireworks. So needless to say we were only at the waterpark for one hour. Tuesday we went to MGM Studios where Kerigan got to dance in the High School Musical Pep Rally and Liv got to dance in the Playhouse Disney Musical Review. If you have kids you know what a big deal both of these are. We finished Tuesday at a Braves Spring Training Game. When Wednesday arrived we knew that Liv's fun factor card was on the verge of expiring so we went to Magic Kingdom that morning, rested for a couple fo hours at the hotel, and went back later that evening. Since Liv was wearing down we convinced the hotel to let us check out a day early and we decided to come home on Thursday instead of Friday. Which was fine by me because I was going through Morgan withdrawl. We have close to hundred photos that we took I will post of our favorite memories soon. We are looking forward to Spring Break next week, Kerigan and Liv have their first softball game on Saturday (I will post those pictures one day). I look forward to having a slow start up week but also just being back home.


Anonymous said...

I hope this comment works this time, but I am glad you guys had a good time.

Anonymous said...

We need an update on what is going on with The O'Kelley Gang!!! It has been 19 days since you have updated!
Much Love,