Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here we are

Well, I got in trouble by one of my many readers for not updating sooner. I am trying not to bore you guys so I thought approximately once a week would work. I guess we will see. This week has been a non-eventful week. Kerigan performed at PTA this past Thursday night which was too cute, but of course I am a little biased. Jason has been EXTREMELY busy at work which is unusual but we made it through even if we were like ships passing each other in the night. I started back to Tae-Bo this week, I forgot how much it can kick your booty but I enjoyed being back. Jason and I were able to have dinner with close friends on Friday Night before we all went to Ultimate Date Night at our church. They took our picture at church so I will have to post it. Kerigan and Liv spent the night with Mimi and Papa on Friday, we had to go and pick up Morgan ( Mimi isn't ready to tackle all three for a sleep over). We have a very busy weekend planned with my aunt and uncle in town so I will update again later.

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