Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is a first....

I have always wanted to be truly internet savvy and be able to keep family and firends near and far updated on our lives here in Marietta. So let's see how well I do. Life at the O'Kelley house has been crazy the last couple of weeks. Jason was out in San Antonio two weeks ago so it was the girls and I and even though I haven't had them all by myself for days at a time we survived. I was humbled by how God showed me during the week how much Jason and I rely on each other to help with the girls. I was humbled by how much I truly treasure a husband that helps me out the way he does. I came to see that I am lucky to have a husband that is so involved in our family life the way he is. Since he has been back at home we have been non-stop. Church keeps us extremely busy but we are greatful for a church family like we have been given. We are preparing for Liv's 4th birthday and our family trip to Disney. The girls don't know that we are going and we don't plan on telling them until we actually arrive. Kerigan is in Kindergarten and loving it, Liv is in preschool 3 days a week, and Morgan is now 8 months old and is crawling everywhere and now pulling up. She is moving much quicker than the other two girls ever did so she is keeping us truly on our toes. For all of you that are reading this we are greatful for each of you and love having each of you in our lives.

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