Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good Grief

OK, so when I signed in I thought it hadn't been that long since I last updated but to my shock and disbelief it has been almost a month. Well, here we go again let me see if I can condense a full month into a little blog.

We have all been extremely busy. It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of March. I have been busy with school so it should come as no surprise that I have been looking forward to the week of rest and "lounging" when I knew that my Spring Break was the first week of March. I thought I can make it till then and turn off my brain and enjoy myself, well, my family had other plans for me.

It all started on February 27th when Jason woke up with what we both thought was a simple and usual sinus infection. Boy were we wrong by Thursday morning he had a fever of 104 and was shivering. So off to the doctor he went where we learned that he had the dreaded FLU. I went on to school on Thursday and came home to Miss Morgan running a fever and lathgaric and guess what, if you haven't figured it out, after taking her to the doctor on Thursday afternoon she was diagnosed with the flu also. Not surprising since she is her Daddy's little sidekick and the two of them are joined at the hips. Now we learned from our family doctor that there are two types of the flu going around the first lays you out for 4-7 days and the other has you going again within 24 hours. By Saturday, Miss Morgan was up and going again and Jason was STILL down for the count. By Sunday Night, Morgan was good, Jason was still down, I was TIRED and trying to find somewhere else to live (HA HA)and Liv had a fever can I say (AHHHHH!!!!!). So on Monday our Pediatrician called in antibiotics for Liv and to prevent Kerigan from getting it called her in some also. Liv finally returns to school today (Wednesday) and guess what Kerigan gets to stay home cause guess what she has it now. Maybe she will be able to go back to school on Thursday if not at least Friday. I have decided I am moving out, let the sickies sanitize the house and then I will return. No, kidding aside, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Jason is finally starting to get back on his feet which I have decided that we are stuck together for life because this week there is NO WAY I would ever want to be a single parent, I don't see how they do it (Thanks Mom). Jason has decided to take rest of week off and if we can get everybody back to school maybe I can salvage one or two of my Spring Break days for rest.

We have Softball Evals on Saturday which you know excites the girls because they love Softball but we will see about this year. They will be on seperate teams so we will see how Liv likes it when she is not with the sister. I hope that she will enjoy it because I love watching my girls play ball.

March 20th is a big day at our house, as most of you know, Miss Liv turns the big handful (5) on that day so we are trying to prepare for her party---Hannah Montana Style. I will post pictures after the party.

Well, I have about one more hour to myself before the house starts rising for yet another day. So I am going to sign off and enjoy the peace, quiet, and no beeps of thermometers. I will try to update again soon but in case it is after March 18th I want to send out special birthday wishes to my dear friend----Angela. Happy Birthday Girl and once again thanks for the other night.

Talk to you all soon.


annie said...

Thankfully, we have seemed to escape the Flu this year, but it seems like everyone we know has had it. If we had it at all, it was just Molly & Shannon with the fast versions, thank the good Lord for that!! I certainly don't want to be sick at 6 months pregnant... no thank you!

Glad to hear, besides the Flu, you are all doing well. Have fun with the softball stuff. We're into cheerleading with Molly these days... I wonder where that came from cause cheerleading was NOT my thing!! Must have gotten it from my sister, Dawn. ;o)

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