Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where did time go?

Ok, so back in August I said that I was going to do alot better with this. Now look 2 more months have passed by and I am SO far behind. I am going to try this differently this go around with a little encourgement from a friend in Tampa. I have decided to see how this goes. Over the last couple of months we have been extremely busy--Jason and I have grown in our marriage after a difficult couple of weeks in October but we learned that we can just about weather any storm that we are put in with the help of God, friends, and family. It was truly a growing process for me and a HUGE learning lesson also. I will not elaborate any further...but I would appreciate any prayers anyone could still send our way. The girls have grown so much. Kerigan has been testing for the Target program and is loving it. She claims the testing is extremely easy so we will see what they tell us once it is all over. Liv, well, what can I say? She is my little mess. Her teacher says she is extremely bright too and I don't mean to brag but since I not even close to being bright they must get it from their Dad's side and for that I am greatful. Morgan is into EVERYTHING. We recently had to put locks on our cabinets which I NEVER had to do with the others so you can tell she keeps us hopping. I am wrapping up my first semester back at school full time and starting January 8th I will be taking 4 classes so we will be studying ALOT at the O'Kelley household. Since my last post, our dear friends Zach and Lisa (their picture is on the right side) found out they are expecting a baby boy and tonight she told me that they plan to name him Zachary Christopher. I told her I was stuck on little big man if she didn't mind. I am so excited for them. Please keep me in your prayers as I have an econ final on Tuesday and need to do well. I am going to try a few different things to keep this more current so please bear with me. I plan to post new pictures soon so keep watching. We are in the Church christmas program this week so it will be busy at our house once again this weekend. Also, before I let you go one of my dearest friends and blog readers is having surgery on Friday and could use as many prayers as we can possibly give her, please remember Angela and I will send an update when I hear how she is. For tonight I am signing off.

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annie said...

Great job! I will continue to "encourage" you to keep blogging... it is good to get it all out there, isn't it?

My husband and I have been through some storms in the last few years ourselves and it has been amazing to see God's faithfulness through them all. He is so good and if we just keep on following Him (although that's the hard part sometimes) He will make it work.

Keep writing - it gets easier!!