Sunday, September 30, 2007

September in a Flash

Where did it go? I don't even know what happen to the month of September. Oh, that's right 3 members of the O'Kelley Fab Five started off the month sick so that made mom wanting the month to fly by :) We have been extremely busy with cheerleading like I mentioned in the last blog. We had cheerleading pictures taken on the 15th so when we get those back I will post those. School has kept me extremely, I have had tests, presetations, and projects all in one month, but you know it is all for a good cause in the end. Kerigan is preparing for the church play that she is in on November 18th so that keeps her busy on Wednesdays. Morgan FINALLY started walking last week. If you haven't personally seen her do it you need to see her (you know who I am talking to). Even though we have been busy we have been just us. We stay on the run but we manage to survive. I feel like we stay really busy until I go to write it in our blog and then it feels like nothing so who knows. Until next month, we will see what kind of trouble in can get into and stay out of all at the same time. :) Love to all our friends and family.


Angela said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... I can't believe little Morgan is walking!!!!
I will have to get a glimpse of this!
Your life will never be the same now that she can get where she wants to go! :)
I hope that the O'Kelley's have a much healthier October!!! Hopefully you got all of the sickness out of the way in one fail swoop! :)

Have a great weekend!!!!

annie said...

I see you have a blog - albeit an infrequently updated one (heehee). I have one, too, but it's private. I just like to keep the spammers and all my stalkers (Ha!) out. ;o)