Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well, we survived yet another Christmas. I believe our house "threw up" Toys R Us in it. Between Santa, Us, and Family I can say that the girls had a HUGE Christmas. Santa brought a pop up tent with Disney Princesses on it (let me tell you this tent comes up to Jason's chin, he also brought a shopping cart and an easel/chalkboard combo. As Santa was getting ready to leave he must have got caught in our fireplace because some of his suit was stuck to our fireplace (pictures will soon be posted so you can see). Jason and I got the girls just about everything else that you could imagine: books, nail polish, WebKins, playdough, Globe for Kerigan, movies, CD for Liv, and the list is so long I can't even remember. Mimi and Papa got them each an interactive doll that came with a bed, stroller, and highchair, clothes, character pillows (lightening McQueen for Liv and Tinkerbell for Kerigan). Morgan got ALOT of noisy toys but that okay she having a blast. My mom got them two XBOX 360 controllers with three games and snowglobes and a movie. Morgan got a tricycle and shoes (much needed). Other Family gifts consisted of oh my I can't even remember. But you get my drift it was a BIG Christmas at the OKelley house.

In other news, Kerigan made the Target program at school. For those of you not familiar with this program it is a full day out of the classroom with kids that think like she does. In other words, the gifted program, she obviously gets that from her dad because I surely don't have the brains sfor the gifted program.

The girls and I all return to school on January 8th, I am looking forward to continuing on towards my degree and the girls need the consistency of school already. Also on January 8th, Jason and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary man that seems strange that we have been married for 8 yrs.

Please remember our dear friends Zach and Lisa in your prayers. Lisa is 33 weeks pregnant and is on complete bed rest. She is due on February 12th but at this point the doctors are just trying to get little man to stay in until at least January 15th.

We pray that each of you has a great rest of 2007 and a blessed beginning to 2008. We will update in 08. (Hey I made a rhyme).

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Angela said...

Happy New Year to the O'Kelley's!!!
I love the updates!!!! I always look forward to them. I can't wait to see the pics from Christmas! I bet the girls had such a good time. Enjoy them while they are little.. they grow up SO fast!!!!!!!
Love and Hugs-