Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok, so I am little late

I didn't realized until I signed on tonight that it had been so long since I last wrote everyone. We have been busy but not to busy to celebrate the love of each other and enjoy being a family. Jason and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on January 8th. It amazes me every year that it has been as long as it has. I still feel kinda young so when you put into prospective that we have been married 8 years it just blows me away. I started back to school also on January 8th, I am taking 4 classes and I can say that I am enjoying it but it is kicking my butt. I have never taken 4 classes in college so that's big change but all of freetime is completely spent on school. But hey, May 2010 will be here before I know and I will be greatful when I have that degree and that accomplishment behind me. The girls continue to grow like little weeds. Kerigan is enjoying the Target program, Liv is counting down the days until her birthday (60 to be exact), and Morgan, well, she is my angel and my little bundle that is ALWAYS on the go. She is mumbling a lot now but she truly thinks she is talking so listening to her is quite humorous. Today, we had snow for the second time in a week and the first time in 2 yrs here in Georgia and it was absolutley gorgeous and the two older ones enjoyed it but Morgan hated it (mildly speaking). When I get the pictures I will post some. Well, I will sign off for tonight and try to remember to update sooner next time.

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