Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Week

My how week's pass quicker the older I get. Our week's always start off busy and they NEVER seem to slow down until Fridays. On Mondays, Kerigan had dance and half through the practice we had a parents meeting for the upcoming recital. Kerigan looks so cute in her two costumes. This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week at Kerigan's school so I worked up there for a while on Tuesday wile the teacher's had their luncheon. Kerigan has been so blessed with two outstanding teachers this year we have been extremely blessed. Wednesdays of course is always busy with church and Kids Express. This one was a little more busy because we had our Kids Express send off for summer so we are through for 15 weeks. Thursday was Muffins for Mom at Liv's School and then I really just did housework and then we went to ball practice, came home, got beths and the girls were all in bed before the Homeowners Assocation meeting that was at OUR house started at 8:15. Friday we wrapped up appreciation week with flowers and the gifts from the students. Friday I got great news on two fronts. Many of you may rememeber that Kerigan's Kindergarten teacher had a still birth last August just four days before her actual delivery date and also the evening of the first day of school, well she told me that she is expecting again this coming November. I am so excited for her and her husband. She started the school year off on a very hard note gets to finally end in a joyous note and I found out on Friday that I am almost finished with my college degree at Kennesaw State, so I will be returning at the end of this month to begin wrapping up that process. When you have a degree that is 123 hours to complete and you only have 50 to go it seems that it is God's way of saying let's get it done. Saturday was a great and extremely BUSY day, the girls played in TWO games, we had lunch with some very close friends, and then had a cookout at some other's friends home. Mother's day has been great and relaxing. Let's see what this week brings. Until next week signing off.

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Angela said...

Hey O'Kelley's!
I hope you guys have had a calmer week than last week. :)
I am sure it hasn't been much calmer with the end of school nearing. That is always a crazy time around the Turner household. :)
I hope that Kerigan and Liv are feeling MUCH Better and able to participate in all of the fun activities that the last week of school offers.
I can't believe that little Morgan is going to be a year old next month. That is HARD To believe!!!
I hope you guys have a wonderful week!
Love and Hugs-